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Oil & Gas, Water, Sewer, and Utilities

We drill under rivers, creeks, and environmentally sensitive areas. As well we navigate under or over top of existing buried utilities.


We have 5-JT100 Ditch witch spreads, that include all-weather mud vans and water trucks. We have invested heavily in mud vans and equipment to ensure the comfort of employees in all weather conditions. 


This allows employees to cook meals, maintain dry and clean PPE, and have a large inventory of spare parts with them at all times.

Saddle Hills County-20130524-00073-2.jpg


Full Bore Directional will maintain full client engagement, be fully accountable, have full employee commitment, and provide fully innovative products & services and be fully dedicated to our employees, families & community.

Industry Leaders

We are industry leaders by emphasizing innovation and encouraging creative solutions, both of which will improve our competitive position. 

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