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The Smallest of Footprints

HDD is the foremost environmentally friendly way of crossing sensitive areas; green-space, coulee, road, or river to name a few. At all times we are attentive to proceeding with the greatest of caution, from the smallest job to the deepest of river crossings. 

We are committed to using the very best in available technologies in partnership with our highly skilled and experienced team of management and employees to do it right the first time.


In addition to good work practice and experienced personnel, we are also diligent through observation of the area we are drilling in, constantly watching for inadvertent spills. Spills are not always just fluid release through frac-out, but can also include oil leaks on drilling equipment, transport units, or containers for consumables.

Being knowledgeable about the industry also means being aware that spills do happen and having the experience and contingencies to deal with them quickly, efficiently, and effectively to protect the surrounding area and working to job done.

Our environmental goal is a successful completion to every job, rig out and leave none, or the smallest of foot prints.

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