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Providing horizontal directional drilling services throughout western Canada

Welcome to Full Bore Directional Inc.

We pride ourselves on providing new equipment, a diligent maintenance policy, minimum annually inspected drill rods and tools, to our clients, all while looking to avoid potential downtime. 


Health & Safety

We are committed to the Health and safety of employees and community members.



We have based all of our processes on being open, transparent, and honest

with our customers.



We are solution-based. We are persistent and will continue until success is achieved.

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Indigenous Relations

We aim to develop meaningful relationships with Indigenous communities with our drilling experts committed to the inclusion of indigenous stakeholders. ​


We are proud to focus on building and executing the organizational strategies of Full Bore Directional Inc. with internal teams and stakeholders through the knowledge of Indigenous cultural, historical and political context.


Fostering in the growth of Full Bore by being proactive and working to provide quality service to clients with a focus on Indigenous people.

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